For Clients

At Canmore Recruitment we have experience in both contingency and retained recruitment across the Engineering and Manufacturing industries. We value the relationships that we have with our clients. In our experience, the closer relationship that we have with you, the more likely it is that we will have:

  • A more strategic collaboration
  • Effective, honest and regular communication
  • Higher levels of trust between us
  • Faster speed of sourcing higher quality candidates

Although we can’t guarantee to fill every vacancy you give us (be wary of those that do make that promise!), our aim is to deliver a smooth recruitment process concluding with you recruiting the best possible candidate for your vacancy. We also don’t use uneccessary sales ‘KPIs’ to measure performance, meaning that we don’t need to send you irrelevant CVs just to hit a target and keep a manager off our backs! As a result, our CV submission to interview ratio is exceptionally high.

Candidate Acquisition

The clamour for highly skilled professionals has resulted in recruiters utilising a wider range of methods to attract the ‘right’ candidates for their vacancies. Modern technology has opened up opportunities that were never previously available and a significant online presence is essential as well as cost effective.

We have a proven track record recruiting for specialised Engineering, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain roles utilising a combination of candidate acquisition methods covering:

  • Extensive Database Searching
  • Head Hunt
  • Referrals
  • Networking
  • Social Networking & Social Media
  • Online & Offline Advertising

Using some, or all, of the above methods allows us to communicate with both active and passive candidates. If you would like to discuss how we could utilise these methods for one of your vacancies, please call us on 01383 641 222 or email