5 Recruiting Tips to Give Your Hiring Managers

If you think that you have heard the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ a lot over the last 18 months, many recruiters will tell you it has a long way to go to catch up with ‘The War on Talent’ or ‘Skills Shortage’ that have been continuously spoken about for the last decade or so.

And now the Covid bounce back in the UK is causing a resurgence of the biggest challenge to Hiring Managers and Recruiters – a shortage of candidates.

The most recent Jobs Report from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) outlines some issues. There has been an unparalleled increase in permanent placements across the UK with an accelerated rise in both permanent and temporary vacancies (the biggest rise since 1998). These increases, coupled with a reduction in the number of applicants has created the perfect storm.

So, what can you do to make sure that the best talent wants to join your business? We gave some information on Candidate Experience in a previous blog, but here are 5 tips to pass onto your Hiring Managers to help them add to their team.

1. Take Care Preparing A Job Description

Don’t just reuse the Job Description that your predecessor used back in 1997. The chances are that the role has changed a bit.

List all of the specific responsibilities. Don’t be vague. People want to know what they will be doing in the job that they are applying for and don’t want to guess. Ask some of your current team for assistance here. Believe it or not, there may be some tasks that you don’t think of.

Be careful what you wish for. A long list of ‘essential’ skills will put candidates off. Of course, you will have minimum requirements but if a skill is only desirable, don’t list it as essential for the role.

2. Interview Quality over Quantity

If suitable candidates are at a premium, don’t wait until you have a certain number to interview. When you are introduced to someone that you think is suitable, arrange to meet them. If you wait, your competition won’t.

3. Sell Your Company

Interviews are a two-way process. Of course, your candidate has to show you why they are the right person to join your team. But why should they? What can you offer them? Instead of the cliched “why should I hire you?” question, flip it round and tell them why they should want to join your business. What is it about your culture that they would like? What Development opportunities will you provide for them?

4. Be Decisive

If you interview that one candidate and believe that they are suitable, don’t keep them hanging until you have interviewed another 2 or 3 candidates ‘just to compare’. By the time you go back to them, they will have accepted an offer from a faster mover. If you have a candidate who you are confident is capable of enhancing your team, then act. Make the offer.

5. Don’t Lowball on the Salary

You’ve interviewed your ideal candidate – Great! You’re ready to move quickly and offer them the job – Brilliant! Don’t spoil it by trying to get them cheap. Of course, you can only pay what you can afford, and you may have a structure within the team that you need to consider. However, if the candidate or recruiter has been upfront with you about the salary expectations and you proceed with the interview process, it is on the understanding that you have accepted their requirements. To offer a lower salary now would be viewed as a bit devious.

On the off chance that your offer is accepted, it starts the new working relationship off on a negative footing. The chances are that you will be back to square one as soon as your new hire finds a company that values them as highly as you should have.

Good luck with your hiring and if we can be of any assistance, please call 01383 641 222 or email hello@canmorerecruitment.com