How to Create a Job Description to Hire Your Perfect Candidate

What is a Job Description?

‘Job Spec’, ‘JD’, ‘Brief’, ‘Job Description’. Whatever you call it, this is the document that you create to outline the duties and responsibilities for each position in your business.

Why is it important?

From a recruitment perspective, it helps the process by giving you an accurate description of your ‘ideal candidate’, and a prospective candidate a good idea as to what the role will involve. As well as the ‘Job Specific’ details, you can also give a general overview of your company and the benefits available.

Job Title

Job Titles can vary from one employer to the next. One company’s ‘Customer Service Representative’ is another’s ‘User Happiness Ninja’.

However, the Job Title should provide an accurate reflection of the responsibilities and the level of role within your business. Falsely inflating a role to ‘VP of Marketing’ in a small company with a flat structure where the ‘VP of Marketing’ is a one-person Marketing department is pointless.

Summary of the Position

This is simply a paragraph to provide an overview of the responsibilities of the role. For example:

“Reporting to the [Line Manager’s Job Title], the [Job Title] will take responsibility for the development and implementation of [X], [Y] & [Z]. The position will be based at our [Location] site with occasional travel to suppliers and customers across the UK & Europe.”

Duties & Responsibilities

A more comprehensive outline of the specific tasks that your new employee will carry out.

It is worth involving others in this task as there will possibly be items that you overlook. If you have someone currently carrying out this position, ask them for their thoughts. They might carry out some tasks that you’re not aware of!

Avoid using unnecessary jargon and acronyms. Some systems or processes can be called one thing in your business and something entirely different in another. Too many unfamiliar phrases could put off a potentially suitable candidate.

Skills & Experience

This is where to list the necessary skills and experience required to be a success in this role.

Don’t just copy and paste the duties from above.

Depending on the reason that they are looking for a new position, many candidates won’t apply for a position where they already have experience of all the duties involved in your role. Many are looking to develop new skills and experiences.

So, the best advice here would be to only include the skills and experience that you absolutely need to add to your team, not just a wish list of your perfect candidate.

Remuneration & Working Hours

Providing a salary (or at least a salary range) at the outset prevents applicants wasting their time applying for a role that doesn’t meet their requirements and saves you time consider applicants that are beyond your budget.

You should also stipulate the working hours, if the role provides flexible working and any other information relevant to the working conditions.  

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