Use The Festive Period to Get a Head Start on 2023 Recruitment

December is a time for Christmas Parties, time with family & friends, and recharging the batteries before the New Year.

It’s an often-repeated cliché that “people aren’t looking for new jobs in December”. Much the same as “folk stop recruiting during the Easter / Summer / October school holidays”. If all this was true, of course, we’d have a few short windows in which to change jobs and recruit people.

Despite an anticipated recession, projections indicate the talent shortage continuing into 2023. In fact, a recent study by Indeed & Glassdoor forecasts that hiring will remain a challenge for many years ahead as a result of the declining ‘working age’ population in the UK. That particular demographic is expected to decrease by more than 3% to 2036.

So, with that in mind, don’t sit back and put off your interviewing until January. The next month is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition and get your vacancies filled.

From a practical perspective, candidate interviews and phone calls can be easier to arrange over the Christmas period as, typically, more people have time off work in December than they will in the New Year. If you have a particularly strong candidate in the process and you are both on holiday the week between Christmas & New Year, why not arrange to meet them for a coffee at a convenient mid-point location? Would taking out a couple of hours on your holiday be worth it to get someone on board who will make a positive contribution to your next few years?

Not only will this engender a positive feeling from the candidate, who will feel wanted by someone who went out of their way to meet with them, it will also mean that, if all goes well, you can make them a job offer whilst your competition is tucking into turkey sandwiches and the remains of the selection boxes.

Going out of your way to meet with potential new hires over the next few weeks could set you up for a fantastic 2023!

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